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Stelling Joe
CofMug. The Stelling Coffee Mug
Often requested, now supplied. Suitable for all beverages, or for bird seed.
Single mug, $7.00
Pair of mugs, $12.00

CD Cover
Full Picture
CDAnth. Stelling Banjo Anthology CD
A compilation of 21 instrumentals played by 9 well-known banjo players on Stelling banjos, with each having his or her own back up musicians. Artists are Bill Emerson, Alan Munde, Keith Arneson, Casey and Murphy Henry, Alvin Breeden, Ned Luberecki, Chris Warner, and Geoff Stelling.

Hard Driving
CDhd. Geoff Stellings's Hard Times Bluegrass Band: Hard Driving
Song list: Big River, Blue Night, I Want To Hide, Sled Ride, Big Boss Man, Pig In A Pen, Ruby, Arab Bounce, Deep River, Rabbit In A Log, Pike County, Nine Pound Hammer, I Wonder Where You Are Tonight, Cross-Eyed Fiddler.

Aint Gonna Work Tomorrow
CDaint. Geoff Stellings and the Hard Times Bluegrass Band: Aint Gonna Work Tomorrow
Geoff Stelling on banjo, Gary Carr on guitar, Merri Bieritz on bass, and Sonny Wilson on fiddle. Tunes include Coosy, Little Cabin Home, Soldier's Joy, Bootleg John, Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow, Saints Go Marching In, Katy Hill, Give Me Your Hand, Rainbow of Love, Lonesome Without You, I'll Stay Around, and Scruggs Medley.

Stelling Caps
Full Picture
P7. Stelling New Cap
One size fits all.


Glyde-Cote A1. GLYDE-COTETM Polish
A superior, non-waxy, slick-feeling protective seal for finished wood. Used and recommended by several well-known guitar makers and used on all Stellings. Comes in 4 oz. plastic bottle with locking cap.

A. Stelling/Schmued Banjo Pick-up
Dual piezoelectric, mounts on rim rods.

C2. Stelling Bridges, Old Wood
Reclaimed submerged birch.
Size 5/8 in.
Size 11/16 in.
Size 3/4 in.
Normal, $30.00
Compensated, $40.00
16 in. radiused, $40.00
Compensated and 16 in. radiused, $50.00

D. Keith Tuners
Stainless steel, pair, $250.00
Gold plated, pair, $300.00

E. Stelling Strings
Spare tens
(six .010's in a set)
(.010, .012, .014, .022, .010)
Medium Heavies
(.010, .012, .015, .024, .010)
Bill Emerson Med. Lites
(.010, .011, .013, .020, .010)
Set, $5.00
6 set pkg, $25.00
12 set pkg, $40.00

F. Truss Rod Cover
For hole spacing of 1-3/4" only. Will not fit pre-1979 Stellings without some modification. Mother of pearl.
Gold-tinted MOP
White MOP
Plain, $30.00
Engraved, $40.00
Engrave with:

G. Field Service Manual
Geoff's personal guide to setting up and maintaining your banjo. Now professionally printed in color.

H. Patented Stelling Pivot-pin Tailpiece
Requires two drilled holes in tension hoop.

HPP. Tailpiece Pivot Pin
Replacement 3/8" pivot pin.
Stainless steel, $2.00
Gold, $6.00

HMP. Middle String Pin
Replacement 3/16" pin for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th string.
Stainless steel, $1.50
Gold, $5.50

I. Schaller D-Tuners
These match Stelling tuners.
Nickel, $100.00
Gold, $125.00

Full Picture
K. Replacement Stelling Tuners
Note: Stellings before March 2004 have pancake "STELLING" tuners with clear knobs (bottom picture). After that, they have the planetary type with ivoroid knobs (top picture). When ordering, check the knobs and for the name STELLING on the back to be sure.
Nickel planetary tuners with ivoroid knobs, $30.00
Gold planetary tuners with ivoroid knobs, $50.00
Nickel pancake "STELLING" tuners with clear knob, $30.00
Gold pancake "STELLING" tuners with clear knob, $50.00

M. Banjo Case with Stelling Logo
(Each banjo is sold with case included.)

N. Head, Ludwig Medium Crown
Standard on all Stelling banjos.

Q. Simichrome Polish
For nickel-plated parts (do not use on gold plating).

RT. Resonator Thumb Screw
Normally, nickel is in stock and gold is a special order.
Nickel, $10.00
Gold, $15.00

S. Leather Banjo Strap $50.00

AB. Armrest
Nickel plated.

AC. J-Hook
Nickel plated.

AD. Hex Nut, 1/4 in. $1.00

AE. Nut Driver, 1/4 in.
Fits above hex and truss rod nut.


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Phone (434) 295-1917, (800) 5-STRING, Email stelling@stellingbanjo.com
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